How to Use Your Phone for Music in Your Car

Smartphones have become an essential item for so many millions of people around the world. Many are completely lost without their trusted phone in their hand.

It is anticipated that by December 2013 there will be over 1.4 million smartphones being used around the world, which means that one in every five people will own one of these phones.

Smartphones have become so popular because they’re multi-functional, a phone, sound system, navigational system and computer in one. For many their phones are worthless once they step into their vehicles. Driving and using a phone requires a Bluetooth headset and you can’t use your phone to listen to music through the car speakers unless you have car MP3 players.

There are many ways people use their smartphones in their vehicles from FM transmitters, which never really work and constantly experience interference to cassette tape adapters, depending on the age of the vehicles sound system.

The FM transmitters increased in popularity for a while because they offered the convenience of being able to listen to music while driving through the vehicle speakers. These units plug into the lighter adapter of the vehicle and the phone plugs straight into the unit, you then spend a lot of time trying to sync the unit to a frequency on your car sound system, the music then plays through the speakers.

The biggest problem with the FM transmitters is that they lose signal and you will experience a lot of interference. Another problem is that not all vehicles come with a lighter socket anymore, which means that these transmitters are not a suitable option for all vehicles.

Those with older sound systems which took a cassette tape could use the cassette adapters. These adapters were car MP3 players for a while and are still in use by some vehicle owners.

With the cassette adapters, a cassette is placed in the sound system which has a headphone jack attached which is then plugged into the smartphone headphone socket. The music is then played through the car sound system. While this seems a practical choice, these options also came with a number of problems including static interference.

With the new car sound systems being introduced car MP3 players are readily available. The car head unit will have a headphone jack or USB port, enabling the vehicle owner to plug their smartphones straight into the car audio system and listen to their favorite MP3 songs through their car speakers.

The advantage to the car MP3 players is that there is no interference and the owner gets to enjoy all their favorite songs while on the move.

As previously mentioned we use our smartphones for just about everything these days, including keeping play lists of our favorite music. Being able to listen to our music through our car MP3 players is a huge advantage which reduces expenditure in the long run.

We pay to download songs to our phones, but then we have to purchase CD’s for the vehicle, this means many car owners are purchasing the same song more than once.

Investing in car MP3 players can reduce the amount of money spent on purchasing music, while offering the convenience of having all the music on one device whether you’re driving, walking the street or at home.

Many of the car systems these days also offer Bluetooth functionality, this enables the owner to listen to music, make and receive calls directly from their car sound system, using the speakers to hear the voice. A microphone is attached to the vehicle, offering crisp and clear music and phone calls while on the move.

How To Keep Your Car Audio System Safe

Thieves don’t stay in one place because if they do, they’d only be putting themselves in immense danger. That’s why they have to keep moving from one parking lot to another. I’m particularly talking about car thieves here. If your car looks enticing enough, thieves would take it with them as a whole piece. If not so, then they would only take some parts, like a shining steering wheel accessory made of gold, state of the art side mirrors, no-nonsense rims attached to the wheels, and the most favorite of robbers – guess what? – None other than a fancy car audio system.

Knowing these things makes any car owner instantly vigilant, taking notice every suspicious-looking person staring or going around his or her car – that’s paranoia. But really, the thing most car owners are worried about is the actual process of protecting their possessions. Besides, no one has the time and the energy to pay close attention to his or her car 24/7, right? Now, you should take note that we are talking about your car investments here. You won’t just let it slip away when you know you can do something about it. So where do we start? In your car audio system.

Tinted Windows

After cars are parked when respective owners proceed to their offices or schools, the vehicles are practically left alone in parking lots by themselves, with no one. This is where the purpose of tinted windows shine the brightest!

What do you think is the purpose of having one’s car windows tinted? Well, there is actually more than one reason why these tints are installed on vehicles. Aside from UV protection, tinted windows also give owners more privacy and protection against people who may be given countless opportunities to take a peek at car owners’ belongings. Such occurrences may possibly stir notions of stealing to those who do it for a living. Your newly installed car audio system stays in place, where they should be.

Disguised Apparatus

This one is crazy, but really effective! I’ve seen some articles telling car owners to give their digital car audio systems a form of disguise from car breakers. “What form?”, you say. Some business-minded people have actually thought of selling cassette tape players to car owners. Clearly, they are smart enough to know that the market for it has depreciated over the years, as digital systems take over an old music trend. What the cassette players are here for is to play as a form of façade, deceiving would-be thieves to turn down a conniving idea. These players are used as covers of the real audio system.

Activated Alarm

Last but definitely not the least is the installation of car alarms. Do you have it right now in your own car? Aside from protecting your newly installed car audio from getting stolen, most importantly, it protects your from being taken away. Period. With a number of car alarm customizations provided by car companies, 24/7 security is assured.

Did you find this article helpful? Know more about car audio in Virginia by contacting a credible group of car experts to give you tips and advices on taking care and protecting your car possessions. It’s the kind of investment you wouldn’t regret.

How To Install Car Audio

This reading is going to contain the basics for installing everything from power upgrades to how to install door speakers. I will touch on power upgrades under the hood, amplifier installation, speaker installation, head unit installation, and sub woofer installation.

The first thing I would recommend to anyone buying audio equipment would be to talk to someone that knows what they are talking about and then purchase online! I say this because audio equipment tends to be grossly overpriced and typically most audio shops will not have exactly everything you need. The system in my car was purchased online down to the ring terminals I used. Also for audio installation there are plenty of videos on YouTube that are of great use during beginner installation. All of that being said talk to someone who knows what they are talking about, come up with a budget, determine what you want out of your system (loud, high quality, etc.), and finally purchase the necessary components on the internet.

Amplifiers draw a lot of power from a cars battery so the first thing that should be done is to “beef up” the electrical system in your car. In varies in the degree of application, very high powered amps will require a second battery and multiple amps could require a second battery, but it can also be as simple as something like the big 3. The big 3 is a basic way to improve the flow of electricity from the alternator to the battery to the ground. For this you will need some good wire I use 0 gauge wire and some ring terminals, I recommend spending the extra dollar for the good ring terminals. Lastly, you could include a fuse, but it is not necessary. Get your wires all to the right length appropriately attach the ring terminals. Now you’re ready to add these three wires the first wire goes between the alternators positive and the positive post on the battery. The second wire goes from the ground on the engine to the negative post on your battery. The last wire goes from any bare metal place you can find in the engine bay to the negative post on your battery. Once you have installed these three wires the electrical system in your car is ready for a rather powerful system.

The next thing to do is install the head unit. This part varies a lot from car to car. Newer cars may require professional installation depending on how much is integrated into the stereo component of your car. For older cars it tends to be as easy as buying an installation kit popping the old one out and popping the new one in, this is where speaking with a professional comes into play. A professional would be able to tell you these things.

After your electrical system is beefed up and your head unit is installed next is the amplifiers and capacitors. In my setup I used two amps. So that is what I will explain the installation of. One amp is for the sub woofers only and the other amp is for the speakers in the car. There are three wires in your car that have to go from your amp all the way to the front of your car. This is the hardest part of the installation because it requires drilling a hole through the fire wall, installing a fuse in your car and feeding the wire to the trunk (where most amps are placed in cars). The other two wires are the remote wire, which tells the amp when to turn on and off and the RCA cables which are the actual audio cables. That all being said when you’re done there should be RCA cables, remote wire, and power wire (positive) in the trunk. This is when you would want to find a bare metal place in the trunk and attach a ground wire, preferably the same gauge as the power wire. After you have your ground and your positive wires then you need to add your splitters which will split your ground and your positive wires into two wires. So now in the trunk you should have a power wire with a splitter splitting into two power wires, a ground wire on bare metal with a splitter splitting it into two ground wires, RCA cables, and a remote wire. This is when you would add the capacitor to the power wire you’re going to use for the sub woofer amp. The capacitors main job is to keep the flow of electricity to the amp constant, so if there is a drop in voltage the capacitor will release some energy. Now finally the installation of the amps is possible. I recommend finding somewhere to fasten the amps in the trunk as opposed to letting them slide around. This is when you connect the power wire to the positive connection on both amps. The ground wire to the negative connection on the amp. The RCA cables to the red/white/left/right ports on the amp. Lastly connect the remote wire to the remote port on the amps. During all of these connections the fuse on the power wire should be tripped to avoid being shocked. Once you’ve connected both amps turn the fuse on turn the head unit on and make sure the amps fire up with it.

What to Consider When Buying Car Stereo Systems

Choosing Car Stereo Systems

This is something you need to spend some time on. There is a lot to take into account when shopping for a car audio system and the most expensive may not necessarily be the best.

Here are some of the things you might like to consider:

Car Stereo Systems Clarity

Music quality is paramount when buying a car sound system. It is something that you will use every time you ride in your car, so clarity is vital. You want to buy a system that will give you the best clarity and quality of music in your particular vehicle.

Car Sound Systems Cost

Cost is one thing; value for money is something entirely different. You may buy an expensive system that does not perform as well in your car as a less expensive system might. You will not be getting value for money and you will regret your decision. You need to buy a system that you have confidence in. If the more expensive system has the better quality sound, then you can have confidence in your purchase.

Car Stereo Size

Before you go shopping for your system, take a look at the size of your car and assess the space that you want to devote to installing a sound system. It is not true that “bigger is better”, especially in the car audio market. Look for a system that will comfortably fit into your car.

Something else to think about is the weight of the components. Subwoofers and bass speakers can weigh a lot and may be too heavy for the mounts that your car provides for the speakers.

If you are considering installing amplifiers and CD changers, look at the space your car has to accommodate these pieces of equipment.

Car Audio Systems Reliability

The Car Audio market has a long history and many brands have built up great reputations. These are the reliable old timers. There are many newer brands on the market; some are good and others not so good. It is a good idea to check out the reputation of the brand you are considering and finding out if there is anything that you need to know about it before buying the car stereo systems.

Display and controls

Bigger displays are well worth considering as you are able to see more information. The smaller, single line displays need more attention and scrolling to get to the information. It is far better to be able to glance at the display and see all you need to see than taking your eyes off the road for long periods of time.

The bigger displays also have far better graphics and if you buy a unit with touch screen, the buttons and icons are bigger and clearer on the larger screen. This makes it far easier to make selections and to access the controls of the car sound system.

In some model, you will be able to match the colour of the sound systems light display to the colour of the lights on your car’s dash display.

Car Stereo Systems Type

Buying a car sound system is something that is not easy to reverse, so it is wise to put a lot of thought into your decision. Take all the factors into account and then remember that there are many types and brands on the market. Once you have considered all the options, you should choose something that you will be happy with.

There are hundreds of car stereo system manufacturers. Some of the better known brands are Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, JVC and Alpine. You should be cautious if you are thinking of going with a lesser known brand.

Taking A Look At The Various Types Of CD Players

CD players have been around for a long time. Over the years different types of units have been made.

Types of CD players

Portable: these are small players that you use using headphones. They are only slightly larger than the CD itself and are powered with batteries. The cool thing with them is that you can easily carry them around with you.

Boom box: this is a small box that resembles a small stereo. It can be powered by electrical outlet or batteries. A boom box is characterized by a CD player that is centered between two speakers.

Computer disc drive: almost all desktop computers come with a disk drive that is capable of playing CDs. The CD players in the computers have a disk tray that opens in order to allow a CD to be placed into it. The cool thing with these players is that they are able to play CDs as well as copy files digitally into the hard drive of the computer.

Car player: this one is found in the car’s dashboard. The player is very small and easy to use. The players usually have a slit in the dashboard where you insert your CD. The player is powered by the car battery.

Factors to consider when buying the players

For you to buy the right units you need to consider a number of factors. The factors that you need to consider include:

Transport sound: a CD transport is the part of the player that holds and spins the disc. When buy a player, you should go for one with a transport that is silent. This is to ensure that you clearly hear the content in the CD.

Play mode: as rule of thumb you should ensure that the unit that you are buying comes with different play modes. The play modes that the player should have include: repeat, random, fade-in and fade-out modes.

Track programming: the track programming feature allows you to create your personal playlist. In most of the cases you will find that many players allow you to pre-program 24 or 32 tracks.

Remote control: the remote control feature makes it easy for you to control the player. To enjoy the full benefits that come with a remote you should go for a high quality player.


This is what you need to know about CD players. When buying the units you should ensure that you buy them from a reputable store.

We sell different types of shanling cd player. Some of the players we have include shanling cd 3 2 and many others. Visit the given links to know more.

How To Install A Car Amplifier From Start To Finish

If you love good music blasting as you drive, then you probably know how irritating distorted music can get especially when you are trying to enjoy your favorite song playing on the radio. Connecting a good car amplifier is the best solution you can find to improve the sound system in your car. A car amplifier installation guide can help you do the installation correctly all by yourself or you can have the installation handled by professionals if you are not sure. If you are mechanically inclined and would like to try it yourself, then you will also find car amplifier installation tips helpful to get it all done successfully.

Step 1 – Choose your amplifier. No work should begin until you have found the best amplifier for your car. A good amplifier should make the sound louder and sharper and more crisp. The RMS power and number of channels are some of the considerations to make when choosing. Remember, a 4 channel amplifier is made to run 4 standard in-car speakers. A 2 channel or single channel/Mono amplifier is made to run one or more subwoofers.

Step 2 – Identify the amplifier location. When choosing where to place the amplifier, remember that it should be within 12 feet from your stereo receiver to keep interference minimal. Ventilation should also be considered. The best areas for the amplifier include the rear cargo area or under the front seats.

Step 3 – Get your amplifier wiring kit. There is no way you will get the work done right without the right tools The wiring kit should include important items such as grounding cable, power cable, signal cable, fuse, ring terminals, turn on wire, self-strapping screws, fuse holder and grommets. Other tools needed to install a car amplifier are wire strippers, wireless drill, panel removal tools like screw drivers and a digital multi meter.

Step 4 – Start the installation. Disconnect the negative terminal of your car battery to avoid electrification. The battery will of course be the power source for the amplifier and should remain disabled. You can then connect the power cable to the positive terminal of the battery ensuring the fuse isn’t connected to your fuse holder without a ring terminal. Drill a hole in the fire wall in a safe location at least 4 inches away from the vehicles main harness. After you’ve drilled the hole safely use a grommet that matches the size of your wire and slide it into the hole. You can run it through a firewall hole and under the carpeting along the floor edge before resting it besides the amplifier.

Step 5 – Set up a signal cable. Run the cable behind the empty stereo head compartment under the carpet and to the amplifier. Connect the turn on wire to the receiver and signal cable to the stereo receiver’s back and replace the receiver in its place.

Step 6 – Connect your grounding cable. Grounding is important to keep electrical hazards at bay considering that the amplifier does produce electricity. Attach an end to a spot on the amplifier and secure the other end using a ring on the car chassis.

Step 7 – Connect the car speakers. This should be done with a high quality speaker wire through the designated outputs on amplifiers and inputs on speakers. You can connect as many speakers as the amplifier can hold.

Step 8 – Finish the installation. Mount the amplifier using the self-tapping screws and attach the power cable, signal cable and the turn on wire to your amplifier. Install the fuse on the battery and close the protective sheath covering wired connections to it in case there is a sheath present. Start enjoying your sound blasts.

Getting The Best Audio Visual Installation

Audio visual services come in very handy in different occasions and events. The equipment used ensure that people get a clear sight and audio of what is happening or whatever is being presented regardless of the crowd. It is through the audio visual equipment that huge crowds are managed without the need for everyone to be near the speaker at the event. They can be placed in strategic areas of the grounds or location so that all people in attendance can be catered to.

The system can also be installed in homes to enhance enjoyment. But the most common areas where the installations are needed are in sports stadiums, retail outlets, military bases, training rooms, schools, colleges, boardrooms and even motor dealerships. The systems are used to pass across important messages or presentations depending on the demands of location or client needs. This industry has a number of installation and equipment that can be used to match the needs at hand. Some of them are

· Digital posters or video walls

· Digital projectors

· Smart screens and touch screens

· Digital visualizers

· White boards

· PA solutions or sound systems

· Lighting solutions

· Security enclosures for screens

Whatever your need is, there are a few considerations that you should make to make sure that you get the best installations for your needs. Here are a few of those important aspects that you should pay attention to.

To hire or buy – Most of the audio visual equipment can be very expensive, hence are best hired if you have a onetime event or events that are not that regular. You should, however consider buying the equipment you need if you run a business that requires you have them round the clock. Whether hiring or buying, choose suppliers and installers you can fully rely on.

Your specific needs – The event you have or the needs you need to serve using the audio visual installation will determine the equipment you need to serve all your needs. Choose suppliers and installers who have everything that you need for your event. It is much easier to hire everything you need from one supplier as it can also attract discounts to you apart from saving you time looking for everything you need.

The installation – Choose a company that does not only offer quality equipment, but one that also has qualified installers to handle your needs. The installers should be able to determine the number of systems needed and the perfect locations for them within your location besides getting it right with all connections that are necessary. If you are not familiar with operating the audio visual systems, consider the services of technicians for the event or some sort of training from them to take you through the basics of operating if you need the installation for long term use.

The team – A good audio visual company should be made up of engineers, programmers and designers who can customize your system to match your specific needs and preferences. Look at the qualification and experience of the team when making your decision.

Audio visual installation services can make a huge difference in your working lifestyle or home. Choose a company you can trust in the quality of the equipment needed as well as the installations within your space.

A Look Into the Incredible Car Accessories: Car DVD Player and Navigation GPS

Having a car DVD player with navigation GPS is something that is worth your consideration. Why? It will help you to reach your destination with least hassle. This car accessory makes your trips safe, funny, engaging and entertaining at the least. The device is made with a speech technology which gives you incredible direction by speaking the names of streets hence making your travelling experience enjoyable. Let’s look at the promises of this amazing car accessory.

Tips for purchasing the best car DVD player

The question on which the best accessory is for your car cannot be answered directly. This is because the choice depends on your taste and preference. However, the best should match with the following aspects.

Price- you should always go for an accessory that can be accommodated by your budget. Some systems are expensive while others are cheaper. The price does not determine the quality of a product. You can get a cheap device that offers quality service.

Warranty information- you should always look at the labels to check the warranty period of the DVD player such that you can be able to return it is a problem occurs.

Research the seller before you buy the car accessories. This will ensure that you buy from reputable sellers only. As a result, you will be making a safe investment.

Advantages of having car DVD player and navigation GPS device

· It provides voice instructions- this feature offers travelling independence because you will not require the help of someone to direct you when touring around your area. It also eliminates the need to carry manual maps and to cram landmarks when exploring new regions.

· The navigation GPS device can show you the shortest distance between two locations. This makes your traveling experience faster since delays are eliminated.

· Car DVD player can be a source of entertainment while on busy roads where there is a car jam. You can listen to music, watch movies and songs with this accessory.

· You can plug in you iPod and get the best entertainment with the music in the iPad.

· The volume of the navigation GPS device can be adjusted so that it is clearly heard even in the noisiest road.

Disadvantages of car DVD player

Increased chances of accidents-usually, you may divert your attention to these accessories when driving on a busy road. This may lead to unexpected accidents. You may also look at the map when the voice is not audible enough which may distract you from the normal driving hence causing accidents.

Easy target by criminals-since this device uses GPS, criminals can easily locate you and you will be endangering your life. It is therefore important to turn off the GPS when you are not using it to enhance your safety.

Final verdict

Navigation GPS devices and car DVD players are very important in today’s world. This is because of the wide range of advantages that they extend to car owners. However, if you throw caution to the winds, you may get an accessory that will not live up to what it promises. It is important to choose well if you want to get the best experience.

Bluetooth Car Kit Provides Many Different Types of Convenient Options for Consumers

When someone is using their mobile device in a vehicle, they are going to want to have the hands free Bluetooth car kit that will allow them to do what they need to do without having to worry about messing with it while they are driving. This is something that is not always easy to do though. There are many features that are going to come with these though.

Most people will use these when they are taking calls. Driving while talking on the phone is something that can be very dangerous. It is also illegal in many areas of the world.

Some of these will support more than one device in the vehicle when they are using it. This is going to be especially convenient when more than one person in the vehicle will be using the Bluetooth device. The driver is the most important person to be using it though.

Some of them will have a feature that will automatically turn on the Bluetooth car kit. This auto awake feature is going to turn on automatically when a call comes in so that the driver is not having to mess with their phone when they are driving. This is something that is very convenient to use.

There are also options that can allow them to connect to the car speaker from a mobile device, such as an iPod or mp3 player. This allows people to have their own playlist. It is not something that is going to be important to everyone, but it is convenient when someone is traveling.

The radio stations can change from town to town. It can be frustrating when someone has to keep changing the radio station that they are listening to. Everybody will have a different type of music that they like to listen to.

Many of these devices are going to be powered by aptX. A lot of people agree that this is going to give them better sound. The high quality sound is something that makes the music sound better and people will enjoy it more.

When making a call, it is going to be important to be able to hear the other person clearly as well. There are many different reasons why the sound could become muffled without this device though. Using a Bluetooth car kit can be very helpful in keeping the sound clear.

These wireless devices are going to be helpful too. Finding a cord to plug into with all of the different devices that people are using can be difficult. It is not something that is going to be allowed due to the number of plugs that are available in a vehicle. With the new designs, there are more becoming available in the newer vehicles though.

The audio receivers are something that can affect the sound too. Not everybody is going to have the same sound quality, but it is something that is going to be important to a lot of people. If they cannot hear music with a quality sound, a lot of people do not want to listen to it at all. It can be frustrating when it does not sound right.

The quality of all of the different Bluetooth kits will have to be taken into consideration. This can affect how well that they work as well as the price and much more. If someone does not have something that is going to be durable and work well, they are not going to have something that they are happy with.

A Bluetooth car kit is something that is available all over the world. The brand that is purchased and what comes with it is going to be important to consider. These need to be able to provide the convenience that is necessary.

Mobile accessories are something that are growing in popularity. The consumers want to have something that is going to be reliable for them though. They do not want to have something that is going to have to be replaced over and over again. Avantree offers reliable products that are stylish and something that is designed for people of all ages. Cases, screen protectors and other things for mobile devices are designed, developed and manufactured by the same company.

Eight-Tracks, Private Jets, One Man, And the Rise of Car Audio

At the end of World War One, the car and the radio were rarely thought of together. However, as broadcasting took hold in the early 20’s, enterprising drivers began to install home radios in their cars, creating the first rudimentary car audio. Unfortunately, there was so much interference from the car’s electrical system that they could only be used with the engine off, and the situation remained there throughout the remainder of the 1920’s.

A former U.S. Naval radio operator with an eighth-grade education, William Lear, was running a radio shop in Quincy, Missouri in 1929. Always tinkering, he and employee Elmer Wavering began to experiment with a radio that could work while a vehicle was running. With temperature variations, road vibrations, and electrical interference to account for, it was no easy task. Once they had a working prototype, they set off for a radio convention in Chicago, where they met manufacturer Bill Galvin. After they successfully installed a radio in his Studebaker, legend has it he set off in the automobile for the 1930 Radio Manufacturer’s Association Convention in Atlantic City, NJ. Too short on funds to buy entry to the convention and set up a booth, he instead parked outside and turned up the radio. He was soon able to secure enough orders to allow the company to move forward with the first radio for use in a moving vehicle called the “Motorola.”

William Lear didn’t stay with the new company long. Wavering remained, helping to develop the first massed-produced alternator and eventually becoming president of the company. But Lear had his sights set a little higher. In 1931, he bought his first airplane, a Fleet Biplane. The problems he encountered while flying led him to found Lear Developments, combining his love of flying with his love of radio. There, he produced radio direction finders, the first radio compass, and even autopilot systems, eventually receiving awards from the City of Paris and President Truman for his work in improving aviation safety.

It wasn’t until 1963 that he began to develop and build the first mass-produced business jet, the Learjet 23. Though Lear Developments had long made radio systems for both general and military aviation, here again, William Lear answered the challenge of bringing music to a moving vehicle. At 500 miles an hour, commercial radio signals would be left far behind almost as soon as they were picked up. With an eye toward the car market, the company developed the Lear Jet Stereo eight-track cartridge, making 100 prototypes for RCA and Automobile executives. Together with Motorola, RCA, Ford, and General Motors, Lear formed a consortium to standardize and distribute the new format, and by the late 1960’s, car audio had entered a new age where drivers were finally able to select their own music.

And if they were fortunate enough to own a Learjet, they could take the tape and play it on the plane. In Lear’s words, “Tape playback in automobiles is going to be the next big thing. I’m going to be in the position of a man with a boat full of life jackets following a ship he knows is going to sink. He won’t have any trouble selling them.” Car audio would never be the same.