Ball Valve Cv Chart

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Cv kv fraction vs angle closure curve chart. This is used as a guide and is not a linear progression.

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This graph shows the cv or kv valve fraction vs opening and closing angle of a full bore ball valve.

Ball valve cv chart. The below cv values are used to give an indication of flow rates for ball valves. The full closure curve of a ball valve is then the above graph multiplied by the valve s flow coefficient or factor. Butterfly valves typical flow coefficients c v butterfly valves and.

Piping systems dimensions of pipes and tubes materials and capacities pressure drop calculations and charts insulation and heat loss diagrams. Table below provides cv values of fully opened ball valves and are approximate values. The coefficient of flow or cv value of ball valves is the number of us gallons of water the valve will pass with a differential pressure of 1 psi through the valve at 60 f.

Cv vs angle closure curve values table. Valtorc v control ball valve flow coefficient charts to a 1 2 t012 percent and le of ball rotation 50 0 98 19 1 83 2 05 1 57 1 62 1 83 2 92. Control valves control valve terminology bodies trim flow characteristics cv and kv sizing noise actuators and positioners.

Cv value is an imperial measure of flow in us gallons per minute of water at 60 fahrenheit with a pressure drop of 1 psi across the valve.

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