Cv Axle Boot Clamp Replacement

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Motoparty universal adjustable axle cv joint boot crimp clamp kit stainless steel 20pcs large clamp kit 70 125mm. Overall the kit has 6 to 12 pieces that include boot clamps of different sizes.

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The axle assembly has to be disassembled in order to replace a boot.

Cv axle boot clamp replacement. However the cv boot repair cost becomes an expensive proposition when the labor factor is also involved. Order up some cv joint boot kits that include clamps rings clips and a bag of grease. Cv boots come with pre cut grooves that you just need to open and install the boot over the axle area.

The inboard birfield joint bj on this axle is not serviceable so the outer double offset joint doj needed to come apart to replace the busted boot. Step four pull the boots away from the cv joint and up the axle. As soon as it dries up the glue becomes as flexible as rubber.

Place the boot clamp which is a metal band around your constant velocity cv boot. Set of four clamps universal cv axle repair clamps kit large clamp range. This guide is an inexpensive way to repair the boots only but if the boots have been torn for a while then the axle bearings may be worn out and the entire axle may need to be replaced.

With 9 x 7 5 x 1 inch dimensions the product has 4 8 pounds of weight. Its jaws crimp the clamp. After making sure it s tight bend the free end of the clamp over the metal clasp.

If you want cv boot parts need replacement with axle shaft it will cost you between 250 300 dollars. This instructable will show how to replace a broken cv boot on a front wheel drive vehicle without disassembling it or replacing the entire shaft. The clamp is designed to rest on a grove by your vehicle s manufacturer.

This axle witnessed more time than hard miles and fortunately still had a lot of its grease in the joint. Remove steel or plastic objects cut wires or hold pipes and rods with unmatched precision by choosing from. Grease the inside of the new cv boot.

If you want to purchase online then you can use the b07rv7b96b asin. Pull the axle out of the car and find a nice flat well lit clean place to work. Cv axle boot clamp tool.

They are also the most common cause of cv joint failure and should be inspected for cracks tears and other damage. Top rated seller top rated seller. Cut off the old rubber boot.

Failure to keep the cv joint clean and secure may lead to damaged cv boot clamps and eventual cv axle failure. All cv joints are housed in flexible rubber boots which are attached with clamps to the axle and joint housing. Try to fill the cv boot with as much grease as much as possible.

It comes under the model cv axle boot clamps. 3 53 4 33 small clamp range. The boots contain lubricant for the joints and shield them from the environment.

An inner axle cv joint boot cannot be replaced while the axle is still in vehicle. There is the culprit a small tear in the rubber boot which caused all of the greasy spatter under our race car. The cost of a replacement kit and related supplies varies between 15 30 dollars.

The product has a universal cv boot clamp vehicle service type. A cv boot a small band clamp and a large band clamp. Gearwrench cv joint boot clamp tightening wrench.

Moreover the item model number or manufacturer part number is qat194. Once it is over the axle area apply the glue supplied with the boot kit and stick both ends of the boot together. The figures went up to around 550 650 dollars.

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