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In a typical small or medium front wheel drive car replacing one front cv axle with an aftermarket part costs from 180 to 410. So the average cv boot replacement cost using this method runs 450 to 500 per side.

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Replacing rear cv axles tends to be more expensive due to extra labor.

Cv axle replacement cost reddit. Here s how the cv boot replacement cost works out comparing boot replacement with entire axle replacement. Long story short my truck has been shaking real bad when braking it s gotten way worse. Oem parts are more expensive but the oem quality is often better.

In addition it is much more cost efficient and effective in doing so. In the recent times the total cv axle replacement cost mainly depends on the type of car you are driving the location or shop where to purchase the parts choice of labor services and whether it is needed to do a single or double replacement. With your axle starting to click if it were me i would just order a reman now and save yourself the cost of rebooting and only getting minimal mileage out of it.

There is nothing technical about this process it just takes a couple of specific tools to make the job easier and some spare parts. You can replace the a cv joint boot fairly simply and quickly even at the race track. Cv axle boots torn tossing grease and collecting dirt.

Dealer s quote was right around a thousand bucks. Thoughts on cv axle replacement 2000 tundra v8 sr5. I replaced the rotors drums pads and shoes and still shaking so i took it to a mechanic for diagnostics.

Cv axle shafts are wear items and you ll need to replace them if you put enough miles on your car. If you are not mechanically minded and have to get it done by a mechanic it is probably worth replacing both of the axles on the side that is damaged and replacing the entire part as this saves you having further labor charges down the line when the other axle eventually wears out. Cv boots are normally replaced in pairs both the inner and outer boot on the same axle.

Generally speaking the cv axel replacement cost will be between 501 1686. How much does it cost to replace a cv axle. A constant velocity cv joint is a coupling found on one or both ends of axle shafts fitted to vehicles with independent suspension setups.

The rebuilt axle costs more than new boots but replacing the entire axle saves a lot of labor. A ball shaped piece on the axle shaft end s sits within a cup shaped piece attached to shorter shafts leading to the wheels or center mounting point. What is a cv joint.

Look out for grease around the wheel and brake area clicking sounds and vibrations. An inner axle cv joint boot cannot be replaced while the axle is still in vehicle. After some google fu it looks like the actual axles are roughly 100 apiece.

After i bought the new boots grease boot rings and pliers to tighten the boot rings and what ever other small supplies i needed it wouldn t have been much more to just gets new.

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