Cv Axle Replacement Labor Cost

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Labor costs are estimated between 141 and 178 while parts are priced between 912 and 1 040. Related repairs may also be needed.

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The above cv axle estimates rely on book time.

Cv axle replacement labor cost. This range does not include taxes and fees and does not factor in your unique location. Generally speaking the cv axel replacement cost will be between 501 1686. The average cost for cv axle replacement is between 1 053 and 1 218.

Some more specific examples of the cost to replace a cv joint or axle on some common vehicles using a 100 per hour labor rate are as follows. Many shops will replace axles at a standard charge on most vehicles rather than book time usually often calculated at a flat hour labor charge. Now the average cost of having your cv joints and axle replaced with new parts may require you to pay amounts ranging from 200 up to 1 600 in the recent times the specific amounts are largely dependent on the type of car the location or store where parts alongside the services are being purchased and obtained and if it is a single or double part replacement.

Cv axle shafts and parts. If you are not mechanically minded and have to get it done by a mechanic it is probably worth replacing both of the axles on the side that is damaged and replacing the entire part as this saves you having further labor charges down the line when the other axle eventually wears out.

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