Cv Axle Shaft Cost

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They re easily accessible from under the vehicle. The cv axle is a shaft that has two constant velocity joints at either end of it.

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The most common stores where you can purchase these parts are pep boys which actually is a very prominent automotive center and shop today walmart and amazon hello online shopping.

Cv axle shaft cost. The two joints let the axle continue to spin as the suspension travels up and down and you steer the car. You can buy a new axle shaft for 86 to 200 whereas parts and labor combined can cost anything from 150 to 750. Usually prices can reach 149 to 399 for all the parts needed.

Replacing a cv joint will most probably cost the same as replacing the axle shaft but the overall cost will depend on whether or not you re replacing one or both components. If in case you need a double cv and axle shaft replacement expect for the prices to be twice the costs of a single replacement. Replacing them is fairly straightforward as well.

Most cv axles are around 100 each but you can save money buying them in pairs. One end comes out of the transmission the other end mounts in the wheel hub.

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