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Another sign of a failed cv axle is grease collecting on the inside of the tires. How to tell if your cv axle is bad.

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Symptoms and signs of bad cv axles when you accelerate your vehicle your vehicle may exhibit intense vibrations and even shaking of the steering wheel.

Cv axle symptoms subaru. One of the common symptoms of a bad outer joint is a clicking noise when accelerating in turns. It also limits the amount of linear travel the cv axle is capable of to roughly 2 inches. When the cv axle gets worn down due to constant use it can loosen the joints.

This may be due to damage to the cv joint. When they do wear out the cv axles will usually show symptoms to let the driver know they require attention. On a modern subaru there are 4 cv or drive axles.

Clicking sound when turning. Below is a list of bad cv axle symptoms and other important information on the assembly. There is one cv axle per drive wheel.

This limits the maximum angle this type of cv axle can operate at without binding to 23 for a tripod style and 30 for 6 ball style joints. If you notice any of these symptoms on your subaru you may be in need of cv axle replacement. You re also likely to feel intense vibrations as you drive.

These cv axles rely on the inboard joint to provide all linear travel plunge for the cv axle. Loud clicking noises when turning or accelerating. Cv axles in some fwd awd and 4wd vehicles.

When cv axles become excessively worn the constant velocity joints will become loose and click when turning or accelerating. One of the most common and noticeable symptoms of a bad or failing cv axle shaft assembly is an audible clicking noise when turning or accelerating. For the purpose of this article i am going to refer to everything as cv.

A cv axle being a complete assembly consisting of the inner and outer joints and connecting shaft. Here are some of the signs that may point to a bad cv axle shaft. Another symptom of a problem with the cv axle shafts is grease on the inside edge of the tire or along the underside of the vehicle.

This is usually caused by a torn boot leaking grease which is. The typical industry term is inner and outer cv boots and joints and cv axle. A cv axle that is excessively worn can produce a clunking or clicking noise when shifting between decelerating and accelerating.

This usually happens when you go past the 88kph or 55mph. What are the symptoms of a bad cv axle. When a cv axle fails lubricant is allowed to leak from the axle and it often collects on the inside edge of the tire that axle is connected to.

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