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Usually the indicator is expressed as a percentage. Cv standard deviation average or mean let s use this mathematical equation in excel function formula on the data range shown below.

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Cv sd mean x 100 or cv sd mean x 100.

Cv percentage formula in excel. We will find out the coefficient of variation of the range. The formula is cv sd mean x 100 or cv sd mean. The coefficient of variation or cv is a statistical measure of the central tendency or dispersion of a data set.

The result is a decimal value formatted with the percentage number format. Therefore a percentage format is set for the cells with results. Formula for calculating the coefficient of variation in excel.

Use the excel stdev function to calculate the standard deviation of the data. Here we have a range of numbers from a2 to a8. Cv 0 25 cv 0 25 x 100 cv 25.

The final volume we need to make therefore is 142 9 ml we know 100 ml of that is the 100 pure ethanol so the volume. Drag this formula for the rest values and it will pop up the z score values in excel as shown below. In a second empty cell type stdev without quotes and highlight the data.

Press enter to see the mean of the data. To calculate the coefficient of variation cv the formula in i5 is. However in reports instead of writing cv 25 i often see cv 25 and the formula for coefficient of variation incorrectly written as.

This video tutorial explains simple and easy method on how to calculate coefficient of variation in excel related videos. H5 average b5 f5 this formula picks divides the standard deviation in h5 by the mean of b5 f5 calculated with the average function. Cv sd mean x 100 or cv sd mean x 100 v 2 100 x 100 70.

The value of the coefficient for company a is 33 which indicates the relative homogeneity of the range. To find the coefficient of variation input the formula a8 a9 for this example or your actual range in a blank cell and press e nter to calculate the coefficient of variance.

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