Zone Valve Cv Rating

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Remember the higher the cv the less resistance. Why are zone valve cv and close off pressure rating inversely related.

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1 zone valve mounting.

Zone valve cv rating. You can flow more than the cv but you get more pressure drop. Zone valve selection inventory. The installation with a flow valve actually has a greater head loss than the zone valve job.

I know how to size them using the cv ratings or the equivalant length of pipe pressure drops pump charts circuit lengths heat loads and delta tee across loop. Kzh223 zone valve power supply. 2 5 7 5 housing.

This is how we can use zone valves on indirect water heaters with no homeowner complaints the caveat when using a. The cv rating is the gallons per minute gpm at a pressure drop of one pound per square inch psi. Referred to as the cv rating.

6 w end switch. I keep a one of each brand on hand in the 3 4 inch size. Stainless steel base with al cover.

230 vac 50 hz power consumption. A flow rate of 3 5 cv would mean that at 1 psi 3 5 gpm can flow through the zone valve. Zone valve any valve really should be sized by the flow rate you intend to move thru it.

Zone valve product range 2 way and 3 way 2 way valve nominal size type suitable actuators cv inches dn mm npt sweat normally closed normally open 1 15 zone215n 10 zone215s 10 zone zone with switch zone zone with switch. What is the role of a fluid s specific gravity on cv. A valve that is sized correctly is a valve that is quiet has accurate flow control lasts beyond its expected life span and does not leak.

1 2 valves 3 5 cv 3 0 kv 3 4 valves 3 5 cv 3 0 kv 1 valves 3 5 cv 3 0 kv installation instructions compact zone valves 2 wire 2 way for use on systems up to 142 psi caution caution warning part no. When using 2 two position on off actuators with ball valves size for pipe size and as long as you select a ball valve that has a cv rating of 1 2 your gpm rate you will be good. Ambient temperature range.

Caleffi radiant manifolds have a combined supply return cv of 1 23. Find of what the cv rating on the valve is. 5 to 50 c.

Zone valve is designed to fit in compact areas where on off control is required using 24 vac or 120 vac. 2 2 amps spst wire leads. The cv or flow coefficient of the valve plays a much larger part in the valve s performance than determining how many gpm gallons per minute can pass through the valve.

37 6334a 0142 man auto upright left or right inlet up or down 360 fig. Zoning with valves was very common early on 60 80 s. Do i use this for pump sizing.

Flow coefficient cv rating. A 1 npt flow valve has a cv of 6 7 the same valve in sweat is 7 7 cv. Modulating valves need to be considered carefully.

A zone valve with a cv of 7 5 would flow 7 5 gpm with a one pound pressure drop thru it. The amount of water that will flow through a valve is called the flow rate or cv rating. How do i use this information.

1 m flying leads static pressure rating.

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